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Decoy Games - Next Chapter

Let us fill you in on where we left off. Last year, we released Swimsanity!, our first commercial game, globally on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam. Swimsanity launched with full online crossplay support, 8 co-op and competitive game modes, and was featured on Xbox Games With Gold and Amazon Prime Gaming. We are thrilled to announce that as of today Swimsanity! has eclipsed 1.4 million downloads! So we want to start by taking time to thank everyone who supported us and played.

So what have we been up to since then? While supporting post release content for Swimsanity, we immediately got to work on designing our next game. For our next game, we wanted to take the next leap in our game development journey. After going through several of our game concepts there was one we revisited that really stood out to us as our dream game. In order to pull off this dream game we knew we needed the help of a heavy hitter in the industry.

We sorted through the several amazing contacts we have met over the past years. Leveraging those relationships, we began pitching our game to interested publishers. Over the course of the last year we are grateful to have talked to several of the world's publishers from big to small until we found the perfect fit. It was a lot of work and we met several great people along the way. It was a very humbling experience to share our vision with so many great minds in the industry. Through all of these engaging conversations, we knew we needed to find the perfect fit who believed in our studio and our ambitious vision

It is our pleasure to let you all know that we just recently signed with one of the world's most trusted publishers to deliver our next game, and it's going to be bigger and better than anything we have done before. As an indie studio, it was important for us to maintain creative control over our next game to ensure that we maintain the same uniqueness and excitement that you have come to expect out of Decoy Games. While our plan is to announce the publisher and game at a later date, we’re very excited to reveal more soon!

Last but not least, Decoy Games is officially scaling up! This is our official call out to all developers, artists, writers, and creators to reach out. We want to build the most diverse and talented team capable of bringing our vision to a reality from this game and beyond. We always have interesting projects going on here at Decoy Games, and we want you to be a part of it. Our vision has always been to create unique and engaging experiences beyond what we have done at this point. We are thrilled to grow our team to continue that journey.


Decoy Games Co-Founders - Khalil and Ahmed Abdullah


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