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Decoy Games, LLC
Based in Boston, MA

Founding date:
January 1, 2012


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Decoy Games is an indie game company founded by two technically talented brothers, who had no prior professional game development experience. They used their deep passion for video games and extensive imagination to start building Decoy Games, LLC.



Khalil Abdullah

In college, Khalil registered for a flash development class. Little did he know that a simple project in this class would be the birth place of a dream to develop games. Impressing his professors with a simple flash game by the title of "Swimsanity: The Adventures of Mooba Jiver the Scooba Diver". The concept was simple. Play as a scooba diver who attempts to recover as much gold from the ocean while dodging the dangerous sea creatures. Khalil realized he made what he felt could be an instant hit. What he was not aware of was how to realistically expand this idea to a full fledged game. This did not materialize until his brother became involved.

Ahmed Abdullah

Once Ahmed saw the local hit that was Swimsanity among classmates and friends, he knew he had to research the means to get the game on an accessible platform. At the time XNA was an up and coming engine for new developers. After realizing that the two brothers had the education to develop in XNA, Ahmed knew they had to add to the game concept. It needed to be multi-player. All sea creatures needed to all have different attacks. The main characters needed access to weapons and power-ups to defend themselves. The ideas kept flowing and the template was being built. The two definitely had the technical mojo to complete the task, but artistically the game would look like it was drawn by a 3 year old at best. That is when the search for an artist started.






Swimsanity Lauch Preview Event YouTube

Decoy Games Present: "Game On" YouTube



Ahmed Abdullah
Co-Founder, Developer

Khalil Abdullah
Co-Founder, Developer

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Awards & Recognition:

  • "Swimsanity, The MIX Pax West 2019 Showcase Selection" - The MIX Pax West, June 2019

  • "Swimsanity, Game Devs of Color 2019 Showcase Selection" - Game Devs of Color Expo, June 2019

  • "Swimsanity, Players Choice Award" - Playcrafting Bit Awards, February 2019

  • "Swimsanity, PC/Console Game of the Year" - Playcrafting Bit Awards, February 2019

  • "Swimsanity, Best Multiplayer Nominee" - Dreamhack Atlanta 2018, November 2018

  • "Swimsanity, Best Multiplayer Nominee" - Boston Festival of Indie Games, September 2018

  • "Swimsanity, Game Devs of Color 2018 Showcase Selection" - Game Devs of Color Expo, June 2018

  • "Swimsanity, Awesome Aesthetic (Visuals)" - Boston Festival of Indie Games, 20 September, 2013

  • "Swimsanity, C-C-Combo Breaker (Gameplay Design)" - Boston Festival of Indie Games, 20 September, 2013

Additional Links

Additional Links:

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Team & Contact

Decoy Games, LLC:

Ahmed Abdullah
Co-Founder, Developer

Khalil Abdullah
Co-Founder, Developer

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