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Decoy Games, LLC
Based in Boston, MA

Release date:
August 7, 2020

Xbox One



Regular Price:

USD $24.99




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Swimsanity! is a multiplayer underwater shooter with action-packed Co-Op and Versus game modes. You play as our hero Mooba, who uses a variety of unique power ups and weapons to survive in this aquatic world. Whether you're teaming up with friends to swim into Adventure mode, or clashing in competitive matches such as Last Mooba Standing, there's more than 150+ challenges to complete across 8 Game Modes in Swimsanity!. All modes can be played online or locally



  • 4 PLAYER ONLINE CO-OP! - Team up to unlock content and complete challenges with players around the world.

  • 4 PLAYER ONLINE VERSUS! - Join casual or ranked matches to compete and climb the Leaderboards to be crowned the best in the world.

  • LOCAL CO-OP AND VERSUS! - Feel the intensity in the room with some couch play with up to four friends. If anyone's missing, play with bots fill their spot.

  • ONLINE CROSS-PLAY! - Play with anyone online across the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam!

  • FUN MOTION CONTROLS! (Nintendo Switch) - Have fun with different play styles by using gyroscope aiming and Unleashing Swimsanity with swift Joy-Con movements!

  • UNLEASH SWIMSANITY! - Unlock 10+ eye-popping Unleashes to bring to battle for devastating moves.

  • COMPLETE 150+ CHALLENGES! - There's always more to do by completing over 150 challenges across 8 Game Modes.

  • ADVENTURE MODE! - Embark on a journey as our hero Mooba to protect all the Orbs and save the underwater world.

  • SURVIVAL MODE! - Battle endless waves of enemies with up to four players survive as long as you can.

  • VERSUS MODES! - Compete in Free-For-All and Team based intense matches including Deathmatch, Last Mooba Standing, and Orb Rush!

  • FAST INTUITIVE GAMEPLAY! - Accessible for casual and hardcore gamers alike! Easy to pick up but tough to master.

  • ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK! - Masterful original soundtrack created by award winning composer and producer Joshua R. Mosley




Logo & Icon:

Logo & Icon
new swimsanity blog photo.jpg
Vertical Box Art.png

Awards & Recognition:

  • "Swimsanity!, The MIX Pax West 2019 Showcase Selection" The MIX Pax West, June 2019

  • "Swimsanity!, Game Devs of Color 2019 Showcase Selection" Game Devs of Color Expo, June 2019

  • "Swimsanity!, Players Choice Award" Playcrafting Bit Awards, February 2019

  • "Swimsanity!, PC/Console Game of the Year" Playcrafting Bit Awards, February 2019

  • "Swimsanity!, Spring Nindies Showcase Selection" Spring Nindies Showcase, March 2019

  • "Swimsanity!, Best Multiplayer Nominee" Dreamhack Atlanta 2018, November 2018

  • "Swimsanity!, Best Multiplayer Nominee" Boston Festival of Indie Games, September 2018

  • "Swimsanity!, Game Devs of Color 2018 Showcase Selection" Game Devs of Color Expo, June 2018

  • "Swimsanity!, Awesome Aesthetic (Visuals)" Boston Festival of Indie Games, 20 September, 2013

  • "Swimsanity!, C-C-Combo Breaker (Gameplay Design)" Boston Festival of Indie Games, 20 September, 2013

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About Decoy Games

Swimsanity! Development Team:

Swimsanity development team consists of  two developers who are the founders of Decoy Games, LLC and an independent Visual Arts contractor.  It is known in the indie world that many first time indie game developers cannot pay the rent without holding an outside job such as the situation we encountered. We had to put in 45-50 hours a week into full time jobs and leaving only the tired nights and weekend hours to develop. Through tiring but efficient development, we were self-motivated and encouraged by our will to succeed in the completion of Swimsanity! as a competitive video game.

More information on Decoy Games, LLC, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Swimsanity! Credits:

Ahmed Abdullah

Co-Founder, Developer

Khalil Abdullah
Co-Founder, Developer

Chris Venne
Independent Visual Artist Contractor

Joshua Mosley
Composer and Producer of Swimsanity! soundtrack

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