• Team Decoy

DLC Unleash Pack 1 Released!

In this Swimsanity! DLC, add to your underwater arsenal with four all new unleashes!

Ammo Bot Unleash:

  • Engage underwater combat with an endless supply of ammo when Mooba uses the Ammo Bot Unleash

Regen Unleash:

  • Mooba generates a healing aura around him that slowly regenerates his and other teammates health.

Sentry Unleash:

  • The Sentry Unleash will quickly do work to defend an area of the map.

Shock Drone Unleash:

  • Cripple your opponents by deploying your own set of Shock Drones to freeze them in place.

Buy DLC Unleash Pack 1 for $9.99 on XboxOne, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Now! And soon on PS4