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Update 3.0 is officially live on all platforms!

Update 3.0 is officially live on all platforms. This update has a heavy focus on online play experience. We are excited for this and are working hard to continue adding to Swimsanity! in the near future.

See below for what is included in Update 3.0:

Some Update 3.0 fixes include:

· Online ‘player drop’ bug caused by switching matchmaking queues

· Online room bug that prevented guests from selecting certain unleashes

· Checkpoint animation bugs

· Adventure Online bug stopping progression if host drops

· Performance issues with Piranha Bay geysers

· Bug preventing guests from seeing enemy wave counts in Adventure modes

· Crystal Caverns Online Adventure invisible seaworm bug

· Crystal Caverns invisible bomb drone bug

· Occasional continuous controller vibration fix

· Toxic Lagoon Online Turtle HUD display issue

· Various matchmaking issues

· Various performance tweaking

Balancing Issues:

· Harpoon Drones now follow player in Adventure Mode

· Mooba Mech duration shortened

· Babyfish Unleash user cannot get unleash points from destroying babyfish

Upcoming Fixes:

· Xbox One Achievements causing occasional lock up

· Online room invisible user issue


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